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Cats & Canines began as Natural Animal Solutions, originally based in Wellington.  In 2013, after relocating to the beautiful city of Whangarei, we have a new name and focus.  Due to huge demand for assistance from all areas of New Zealand, we now offer cat and dog behaviour consultations exclusively via email, phone and Skype - without the need for a personal visit.

Cats & Canines offers a modern and holistic approach towards cat and dog behaviour - this means we believe all aspects of the animal's physical and emotional wellbeing must be taken into account in order to achieve effective results.

All behavioural modification programmes are tailored to the individual client and animal companion's needs.  We understand behaviour problems have an emotional toll on the relationship with your animal, and the frustration that comes from this.  Our goal is to work with you, providing knowledge and guidance to create a harmonious relationship based upon understanding and respect.

Cats & Canines is dedicated to the most humane, effective, proven and up-to-date behaviour modification methods.  No harsh or confrontational methods are ever used, and instead our aim is to reduce stress, building confidence, and teach the behaviours we want, rather than ineffectively punishing those we don't want.  Furthermore, our methods are based upon proven scientific principles and understanding - we don't offer "secret methods", "quick fixes" and "miracle cures" - because simply, they don't exist.

Our promise to you

  • Your cat or dog will be treated as an individual
  • Your personal circumstances and requirements will be taken into account
  • Your cat or dog will always be treated with respect and dignity
  • We won't be judgemental - we have seen, heard and experienced it all!  The fastest route to a successful outcome is for us to have an open and honest relationship
  • We will work with you until you are satisfied that you no longer need our assistance
  • We will not charge you for a consultation if we don't believe you need one.  Sometimes a quick piece of advice can send owners on the correct path
  • We will not charge you for a consultation if we believe there may be a physical cause to your animal's behaviour.  We may ask you to seek veterinary advice in order to rule out an underlying health issue prior to undergoing a behavioural modification programme.

Our commitment to animal welfare

10% of all consultation fees are given in donation to animal charities - your custom will assist other animals in need.  Here are a few of the welfare organisations we actively support (more to be highlighted soon):

Whangarei SPCA (

Wellington SPCA (

Soi Dog Foundation (Dog Sponsorship) (

Soi Dog Cat (Cat Sponsorship) (

Going away on holiday and live in the Whangarei area?  Please support Deloraine Cattery: (

Have you been referred by an animal welfare organisation?  10% of your consultation fee will be given back to that organisation.


Cats & Canines is dedicated to the animals who have enriched my life, and shared with me so much that I would otherwise not have learnt about animal behaviour, unconditional love, compassion, joy and heartache.  Without my experiences with these precious beings I would not have begun or continued the journey that has led me to help animals in need.  Each and every one of you I will always hold in my heart.

Lynne O'Malley, Feline and Canine Behaviour Specialist