Cats are our main focus and make-up 90% of our consultations.  Cats are extremely intelligent and capable of learning, and respond well to behavioural modification techniques.  We feel that cats as a species are extremely misunderstood and it is our mission to turn this around!  Cats are very susceptible to stress, and many feline behavioural problems occur as a direct result of stressors within the cat's environment.  Once you gain an understanding of what can cause your cat stress, and how to counteract it, you are in a better position to alleviate problem behaviour from occurring, both now and in the future. 

Lynne will assist with any worrying behaviour your cat displays.  No problem is too small or too complex.  Common problems include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

Urine spraying
Toileting inside or not using a litter tray
Aggression towards owners
Aggression between household cats
General timidity
Anxiety / Fears / Phobias / Depression / Grief
Obsessive compulsive behaviours
Boredom associated with indoor cats
Cats returning to previous addresses
Scratching furniture/household interiors
Preparation for a new animal or baby
Preparation for a house move or new home

Clicker training for cats

Yes its true!  Although clicker training is mainly associated with dog training, it's methods are used to train many species of animal, including those in television, and in zoos and parks in order to assist with handling and veterinary treatments.

Sounds complicated?  Many people think clicker training is too hard.  Well actually it is pretty simple.  This is how it works:

  • The clicker is a marker signal, used when the animal does the right thing
  • The click is followed by a reward (food or toy)

Pretty simple!  Clicker training provides a clear signal to the cat that they have done something that brings a reward.  The use of a clicker can increase understanding by as much as 50%, it gets the cat mentally involved in what we are trying to teach, and increases the cat's desire to keep repeating the rewarded behaviour. 

Many cats love the mental stimulation clicker training provides, and it can be a very effective tool when retraining cats from many inappropriate behaviours, such as urine spraying, aggression and obsessive behaviours.

A training clicker will be provided as part of your behaviour modification programme where necessary.  Clickers can also be purchased.