The consultation process

To arrange a consultation please email or phone and provide an outline of your cat or dog's behavioural problems.  Please note we may ask you to rule out a physical problem first by taking your animal to your veternarian if we believe this may be a cause.

We will email all necessary information, including our behavioural questionnaire which we require back with us three days prior to all consultations.

Additional information in the form of photographs of relevant areas of your home or environment, and a sketched layout of your house may also be required.  Video clips of your animal's behavioural problem if possible will also be appreciated.  We will advise what we require in our initial contact with you.

Email follow-up advice is provided for all consultation types for as long as required (for the identified behavioural issues) for no additional fee.  Phone follow-up advice is also available for no additional fee at a mutually agreed time.

We ask that you commit to following the advice provided to you, and to providing us with regular updates so that progress can be tracked.


All consultations must be prepaid prior to work beginning.

The fee is for one animal, or for multiple animals with an inter-related problem.  For multiple animals with unrelated issues, an additional surcharge may apply depending upon the depth of the additional issue/s and is at the discretion of Cats & Canines.

Email consultations

Your completed behavioural questionnaire will be the basis on which your personalised behavioural programme will be produced (along with additional questions unique to your situation).  Photographs, videos and house plans may also be required depending upon the situation.

Email consultations are recommended for the majority of complex behavioural problems, as it is important you have all relevant information documented in order to assist you throughout your animal companion's treatment.

Cost: $230

Phone consultations

Phone consultations can be a cost-effective method of discussing less complex behavioural issues.  A personalised behavioural programme is not provided as part of a phone consultation.  However if you wish to have one in addition to your phone consultation this can be provided  for an additional cost.

Please do not expect to have a phone consultation at the time of your initial call with us.  We do not believe it is ethical to provide behavioural advice without background information on your cat or dog.

Cost: $180.  We will call you.

Video consultations

Video consultations are available for those who wish to have a face-to-face discussion.  A personalised behavioural programme is not provided as part of a video consultation.  However if you wish to have one in addition to your video consultation this can be provided for an additional cost. 

Cost: $180