Cats & Canines does not offer a canine obedience training service.  What we do offer is help for canine behaviour problems.  We have a special interest in working with dogs that show aggression towards other dogs, and who suffer from separation anxiety.

There is much confusion as to the difference between a "trainer" and a "behaviourist".  A trainer works with dogs to teach obedience commands (such as sit, down, come, stay).  A behaviourist works with behavioural problems - this is a far more complex role, and to do this effectively, the behaviourist must have a solid understanding of not only how dogs think and process the world around them, but also how the brain functions, and how the internal physiology of a dog can affect behaviour.

Lynne will assist you with any worrying behaviour your dog displays.  No problem is too small or too complex.  Common problems include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

General unruliness
Aggression (all forms)
Anxiety / Fears / Phobias / Depression / Grief
Confidence building
Separation anxiety
Toileting indoors
Predatory behaviour towards cats and other animals
Obsessive compulsive behaviour
Puppy behaviours such as biting
Preparation for a new animal or a baby to the family

Note that for many dog behaviour problems it will be more effective to work one-on-one with a behaviourist.  If we are unable to do this due to location, we may recommend a behaviourist in your area.  However if there is no one suitable available to help you, or you still wish to work with us despite the physical distance, we can do so.  We believe it is better you receive the correct advice and ongoing support than no advice at all, or worse - incorrect advice.

Clicker training for dogs

Clicker training is used to train many species of animal, including those in television, and in zoos and parks in order to assist with handling and veterinary treatments.

Sounds complicated?  Many people think clicker training is too hard.  Well actually it is pretty simple.  This is how it works:

  • The clicker is a marker signal, used when the animal does the right thing
  • The click is followed by a reward (food or toy)

Pretty simple!  Clicker training provides a clear signal to the dog that they have done something that brings a reward.  The use of a clicker can increase understanding by as much as 50%, it gets the dog mentally involved in what we are trying to teach, and increases the dog's desire to keep repeating the rewarded behaviour. 

Most dogs love the mental stimulation clicker training provides, and it can be a very effective tool when retraining dogs from many inappropriate behaviours, such as barking, aggression and obsessive behaviours. 

A training clicker will be provided as part of your behaviour modification programme where necessary.  Clickers can also be purchased.