The following is a small selection of comments taken from client emails, reproduced with their permission:

"Thanks so much for your input and advice - was invaluable and really helped me through a very difficult time.  Have recommended you to friends with fur babies already, and will continue to do so."

K Northrop, Mt Victoria, Wellington

"Super!  This looks great.  It's so wonderful to have something that is specific to my girls.  I've read lots of blog posts, books and articles but they're never detailed enough or relevant to my situation.  Thanks for getting this to me so quickly."

S Taylor, Lower Hutt

"Just a quick email to let you know that Khloe has made tremendous progress with her litterbox issues since our last correspondence......I have mentioned your name to my work colleagues and friends about what you have done for Khloe and they can't believe the outcome - I always knew with a bit of perseverance and your support we would get Khloe right......Once again thank you for your help and I appreciate that I can always contact you."

K McArthur, Wellington

"The notes you sent are WONDERFUL and we are so grateful.  Everything you say is sensible and logical, and what we like most of all is that Norman's behaviour isn't being changed through fear of the consequences if he doesn't do what we want him to do.  One of the things on my list of things to do is to ring our vet to thank them for referring us to you, because it's working so well."

H O'Sullivan, Karori

"Thanks for getting us so far in such a short space of time.  Amazing what a difference all the little things make!"

J Haywood (and Indy cat), Christchurch

"Thanks for all the work you have done with Oscar.  He is so much less reactive and I now have much better coping skills and heaps more confidence that I know what to do when he is!!"

C Leadbetter, Lower Hutt

"Our cat Jemima has improved beyond recognition.  Its just wonderful.......thanks so much for all your great advice.  Its made a world of difference, and I'm so much calmer not worrying about where she is all the time and knowing she is settled and not anxious."

J Cochrane, Brooklyn

"Thank you so much for all your help with Obi.  I have noticed a big change in his behaviour and overall see him really starting to relax and just be a dog.  Obi and I have learnt the skills necessary to deal with "scary" situations when they arise.  You are a fantastic animal behaviourist and the first person we have come across who understands Obi's behaviour."

K Jones, Wairarapa

"Smudge the cat is doing really well.....I'm playing with her a lot more and she has got so much more vocal and affectionate.....when she gets upset at something she now sits up high and sees everything but she doesn't run away anymore.....I had some friends staying with me over the weekend and she was fine with them.  So we have made definite progress."

M Alexander, Auckland

"Thanks again for your totally wonderful service and the great info booklet you sent.  It has been totally amazing, and I look forward to working with Betty more!"

P Veugelaers, Upper Hutt

"I just wanted to thank you for the very professional and thorough job you did of our cats' programme.  You put a lot into the programmes, which we have found very interesting reading.  I feel you have equipped us with enough information to really make some good changes in our household.....thanks again for all your help - I will be certain to pass your details onto anybody else I hear of having problems with their pets."

R Parkinson, Auckland

"I just wanted to send you an email to say how much I appreciate your help with Dusty and Sam.  They were very stressed and your help and advice has meant that they are now a lot happier and calmer dogs.....they are by no means anywhere near the stressed, sick and scared witless dogs they were a few months ago and are just way more relaxed and less aggressive and thank you for being such a caring person and helping so trendously!"

B Daniells, Lower Hutt

"Blu is doing really well.........she has improved 100%.  I took her for the first time to socialise with my mum's dog, I even managed to let her off lead and they ran around together.....huge improvement, she would never have done that before her new training due to aggressiveness.  Very pleased with the training manual - it was money well spent and would recommend you to anyone with problems!"

C Boreham, Featherson

"I am glad that we asked for your help.  Puke's behaviour is getting much better and he is becoming a lot easier to handle.  We have been taking him for morning walks and he is like another dog!  Now I have more control and am actually taking him for a walk instead of the other way around.  He is an expert at sitting.  I am still working on him lying down but he is making progress and he responds well to the stay and come command.  He has not chewed anything up so I'm really happy with that.  Overall he has improved a lot and I am grateful for the assistance you have given us, it has made a huge difference."

A Hallet, Lower Hutt

"I wanted to say again how much we appreciated your efforts and the time you went to, with coming up with so many different suggestions and ideas - Esher is a much happier dog!!  No long faces when it is time for us to go out.....when we return home, he is again happy and shows no signs of distress - the longest stint was 6 hours and there were no problems at all.  We try to do the clicker training every few days and he really thrives on this and the extra attention.  It is amazing how responsive he is - just shows you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!  Thank you so much once again."

V Stevens, Upper Hutt

"I just wanted to say a big thank you.  The terrible two are no longer!  They are wonderful dogs!  No more eaten carpet.....Cleo now comes on the first call when we are walking, even if there is dead fish or poos!  Lulu hardly pulls on the lead and I no longer have a dislocated shoulder!  So things are going well.  We are working hard with the clickers and building their confidence.....I can't remember when Lulu last went for a wee when patted.....and they have almost stopped jumping when we get home!!!!!  Thanks heaps."

S and M Thomas, Petone

"Training is going well with Tommy.....Thank you again for all of your help and the booklets you gave us, the whole service is very professional."

S Fagan, Tawa