Your animal behaviour specialist

Animals are Lynne O'Malley's passion.  After many successful years employed in the corporate world, Lynne felt strongly she had missed her calling.  Her desire to work with and assist animals led her towards undertaking the following qualifications:

  • National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing, Otago Polytechnic
  • Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour (Feline) (Distinction pass), COMPASS, UK
  • Think Cat - a Certificate in Feline Psychology (Distinction pass), Centre of Applied Ethology, UK
  • Principles of Canine Behaviour (A+ pass), Massey University
  • Member of International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP)
  • Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner Diploma, Animal Magic UK (UNDER COMPLETION)

Additionally, Lynne has completed partial studies in Animal Naturopathy.  The knowledge gained from this training, combined with her veterinary nursing qualification and experience, provides her with a unique understanding of how physical and emotional conditions can affect behaviour.

Lynne is committed to continuing her education in all aspects of animal behaviour, training and welfare by keeping up-to-date on the latest findings and techniques, to ensure her animal clients are receiving the best possible care.  Lynne has written behaviour articles for a number of NZ animal related websites and magazines, and her work has been featured in various NZ publications.  She has cared for many foster kittens (along with the occasional rabbit, hedgehog or bird) in her home, and has special interests in the rehabilitation of wild cats, and working with cats and dogs that lack confidence due to past abuse or lack of socialisation.

Lynne offers a free advice service to animal welfare organisations, both in New Zealand and overseas, and receives referrals from vets and animal welfare organisations throughout New Zealand.  As part of her commitment to animal welfare, Lynne has been a regular volunteer for the SPCA, and supports many worthwhile animal charities. 

Every year thousands of cats and dogs are abused, dumped, passed to new owners or animal shelters, or euthanaised due to behavioural problems and a lack of understanding.  It is Lynne's strong desire to share the fundamental principles of humane and effective animal behavioural adjustment in order to avoid such unnecessary and heartbreaking outcomes. 

Lynne finds it immensely satisfying to assist others to work towards a better understanding of their cat or dog's behaviour, and in the process, foster a closer bond between owners and their feline or canine companions.